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Luminati is now Bright Data - same partners and clients - Advantage Solutions - Detail - RedPoints - Superscanner - Karma - Cervello - Northeastern University - University of Oregon - University of Auckland - University of Oxford - Princeton Univesity - Harvard - HKML - Concordia - Boston College WEDF - Mathison - University of Chicago - Technion
Luminati clients and partners are Bright Data clients and partners - Advantage Solutions - Detail an InRiver company - RedPoints - Northeaster University - University of Oregon - University of Auckland - HKML - Mathison - University of Chicago - Univsersity of Minnesota
Anonymous proxies

Anonymous proxies

  • Avoid IP blocks and account bans
  • Protect your privacy and stay anonymous when extracting web data
  • Unlimited concurrent requests
  • Proxies that actually work at any scale

Rotating proxies

  • 72 million rotating IPs
  • Change locations as often as needed
  • Target any country, city, carrier and ASN across the globe.
  • Extremely stable connection for long sessions (99.99% uptime guaranteed)
Rotating proxies
Shared proxies

Shared proxies

  • 99.99% network uptime
  • Stable & high-performing Data Center proxies that perform at scale
  • Cost-effective & great for targeting simple target sites
  • Used by Fortune 500 companies & over 70% of the top-10 leading global universities

Dedicated proxies

  • Send requests using an IP from a real place of residence from any geolocation
  • Lifetime IPs can be used as long as needed
  • Enjoy higher success rates with IPs clean of request history
  • Experience faster speeds compared to a shared proxy network
Dedicated proxies
Proxy manager easy to use

Easy to use with our Proxy Manager

  • Organize proxies with easy-to-use dashboard geolocation
  • No-hassle integration for first-timers
  • Define custom rules for optimized results
  • Built for developers. Powered for the enterprise


#1 reason businesses switch to Bright Data =
Other providers failed when they needed to collect data at peak times & at large scales.

Best performance


You don’t want to be caught without the data you need when our competition’s proxies fail. Bright Data is widely recognized as the most reliable, with the highest success rate in the industry at: 99.5%


Bright Data is famous for its 24/7 support and for its personalized account managers, who will help tailor products to your specific needs. Need something specific? We’ll build it for you

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