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Pricing FAQ

You can request a custom dataset tailored to your needs, delivered on-demand or scheduled. Suitable for businesses with specific requirements and domains that aren’t in the dataset marketplace. 

When a web page is initially rendered, all the data on that page is included in the first page load. Clicking on a link to load a new page or scrolling through the page to see more data (as a “lazy load”) is a second page load.

CPM meaning cost per mil.
1000 page loads = 1 CPM
1 CPM = $5
For example: If you have 100,000 page loads, divided by 1000, the CPM will be 100.
100 CPM x $5 = $500 total cost.

The number of custom datasets included in the annual plan consists of up to 6 collectors.

The monthly maintenance fee is starting from $150.
The maintenance fee is incorporated into the $1,000/m annual plan and includes developer support, monitoring, adjusting code and more.

For example: if you have 5 collectors in your $1,000/m annual plan, the maintenance fee is incorporated. i.e. the cost will remain the annual plan fee of $1,000 and not $1,750 ($150 per collector).

By committing to higher collection volumes you can receive a lower rate. Contact our sales department if you need more help.

Choose from JSON, NDJSON, CSV, or Microsoft Excel.

You can select your preferred delivery and storage method: Email, API, Webhook, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or SFTP.