SaleFreaks proxy integration

SaleFreaks Proxy Integration

What is SaleFreaks?

SaleFreaks is known for its automation tools that assist dropshippers in managing their online stores more efficiently. It helps automate various aspects of the dropshipping process, such as product sourcing, order fulfillment, and inventory management. The platform often integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Steps to integrate SaleFreaks with Bright Data proxies

Add zone

Sign up to Bright Data:

After signing up, in the Bright Data dashboard, navigate to the “Proxy & Scraping Infrastructure” section and Add a new designated Zone for your proxy usage.

Choose DC network

Select proxy type:

In this example, we will show how to set up datacenter proxies.

Select IP type

Name proxy solution:

Set the desired IP type, shared IPs, dedicated IPs, or premium IPs.

Number of IPs

Select IP count:

Fill in the number of IPs you need.

select city and country for ip

Country & city selection:

Choose your desired country and city for the IP location.

click add

Add zone:

Click the “Add” button to create the Zone.

DC zone ready

Now Zone is ready:

You always have the option to edit the zone by clicking on the zone name and taking the data you will require for the next step. To add more proxies, go to the “configuration” page.

Adding new pass

Adding new password:

For adding a new proxy password, click on the ‘+Add password’ button (it is now possible to add more proxy passwords on the “Access parameters” page).

Proxy config

Head to the configuration page.

Once you added a new password, head to the configuration page.

Allocated ips

Review IPs:

To review your IPs, click on To review your IPs, click on Show allocated IPs.

IP list

You will notice the list of Allocated IPs

Take a look at the list of allocated IPs.

Download IPs

Click on the download IPs list button:

FYI: If you choose “new password” in step 10, please wait a few minutes before you download the allocated IP’s files, to allow the new password to sync with and reflect in the file.

file editor

Open file editor:

Open the file in the editor of your choice will appear similar to the below example:

file editor

Open file editor:

Open the file in the editor of your choice will appear similar to the below example:

Required fields

Input fields:

For your convenience we have breakdown the fields you need to fill as shown from the list below:

  • Proxy type: HTTP
  • Proxy IP:
  • Proxy Port: 22225
  • Proxy user:lum-customer-{your_customer_id}-zone-{your_zone}-ip-
  • Proxy password: zh4*********
salefreaks login

Login to Salefreaks:

After you login at an add account pop will appear, select your ebay marketplace, enter your store name and click on provide my own proxy.

fill in info

Fill in Salefreaks fields:

Fill in the Salefreaks text field information taken from the Bright Data downloaded file.


For your information:

To avoid account suspension, which will lead to losing all of the allocated IPs, we recommend enabling the auto-recharge feature, which will ensure that the account will never run out of funds. It could be in any amount, starting from $20.

Get proxies for SaleFreaks

Proxy badges


72百万以上の住宅用IPアドレス、クラス最高のテクノロジー とターゲットにする能力 国、都市、運送業者、ASN プレミアムプロキシサービスを開発者にとって最高の選択肢にします



  • 7,200万を超えるIP
  • 195カ国で利用可能
  • ローテーションに対応する最大級のリアルピアIPネットワーク
  • 洗練されたウェブサイトすべてにアクセスしてクローリング


  • 1,600万を超えるIP
  • 98カ国で利用可能
  • 共有および専用のIPプールを利用可能
  • 複雑でないウェブサイトへ迅速にアクセス


  • 60万を超えるIP
  • 35カ国で利用可能
  • IPローテーションのない本物のスタティックレジデンシャルIP
  • 複数アカウントへのログインに最適


  • 700万を超えるIP
  • 195カ国で利用可能
  • 世界最大のリアルピア3G/4G IPネットワーク
  • モバイル広告の検証とモバイルサイトのクローリング







リアルタイムのネットワークパフォーマンス ダッシュボード






Category leader in proxies


Number of ISP proxies


Serving 7/10 universities


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