GoLogin proxy integration

GoLogin Proxy Integration

What is GoLogin?

GoLogin is a platform designed to manage multiple online accounts, especially in the context of web automation and browser fingerprinting. It is often used for tasks that involve creating and managing multiple online profiles or accounts while avoiding detection or restrictions.

GoLogin allows users to create and maintain different browser profiles, each with its unique set of cookies, cache, and other browser fingerprinting elements. This can be useful for activities such as web scraping, social media management, or other tasks where the use of multiple accounts is necessary.

How to setup GoLogin
with Bright Data proxies:

Create zone

Create a Zone in Bright Data:

To begin integrating Gologin with Bright Data, it is recommended to create an ISP zone with a dedicated IP.

Create zone settings

Set up zone settings:

  • Name your proxy.
  • Specify the number of IPs required.
  • Add geolocation targeting for country and city.
  • Include targeted domains or select “All domains” for broader site targeting using the same IP.
Procure access parameters

Procure Access Parameters:

Open the Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure in Bright Data, select the zone you have created, and choose access parameters. Keep the browser tab open as you will need these credentials in the coming steps.

Download gologin

Download Gologin:

Download and install the latest version of Gologin for your operating system by clicking here.

Access gologin

Access Gologin Account:

Log in or sign up to your Gologin account using your credentials.

Add profile

Create a New Profile:

Click on the “+ Add profile” button.

Setup profile

Set Up Profile and Proxy:

Set up your profile by giving it a unique name, then navigate to the Proxy tab and click the “Your Proxy” button.

Proxy protocol

Configure Proxy Protocol :

Under the protocol settings, select HTTP proxy.

proxy and port

Set Proxy Server and Port:

For Bright Data proxies, set the server to brd.superproxy.io and the port to 22225

Access parameters

Copy Proxy Username and Password:

Go to Bright Data’s “Proxies & Scraping Infra” and select the proxy zone you are using. Click on the “Access parameter” option and copy the provided Username and Password.

proxy credentials in gologin

Paste Proxy Credentials in GoLogin:

Return to Gologin and paste the copied Username and Password into the corresponding fields.

Check proxy

Verify Proxy and create Profile:

Click “Check proxy” to confirm country and city details. Then, click on the “Create profile” button to create the profile.

Start browsing

Start Browsing:

To use the proxy, click on the Run button, and you will see a browser opening up with your preferred settings and the configured proxy.

event log

Verify Proxy Usage:

To confirm the use of your Bright Data proxy, refer to the Event Log section in your Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure dashboard.


Follow these steps to successfully integrate Bright Data proxies with Gologin, enabling you to browse securely and efficiently.

Get proxies for GoLogin

proxy badges


72百万以上の住宅用IPアドレス、クラス最高のテクノロジー とターゲットにする能力 国、都市、運送業者、ASN プレミアムプロキシサービスを開発者にとって最高の選択肢にします



  • 7,200万を超えるIP
  • 195カ国で利用可能
  • ローテーションに対応する最大級のリアルピアIPネットワーク
  • 洗練されたウェブサイトすべてにアクセスしてクローリング


  • 1,600万を超えるIP
  • 98カ国で利用可能
  • 共有および専用のIPプールを利用可能
  • 複雑でないウェブサイトへ迅速にアクセス


  • 60万を超えるIP
  • 35カ国で利用可能
  • IPローテーションのない本物のスタティックレジデンシャルIP
  • 複数アカウントへのログインに最適


  • 700万を超えるIP
  • 195カ国で利用可能
  • 世界最大のリアルピア3G/4G IPネットワーク
  • モバイル広告の検証とモバイルサイトのクローリング







リアルタイムのネットワークパフォーマンス ダッシュボード






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