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Business impact

  • Verify how products are displayed online
  • Create tailored reports on eCommerce product placement
  • Achieve significant business growth

About the company

Detail Online helps brands audit their products on their retailers’ websites. The brands come to them to get
information about how their products are displayed online, and they help them make sure they’re presented
in the way they were intended to be. Many brands did this manually before, and they did so occasionally.
Since Detail Online automated the process, they can now get a daily report on how their products are
presented in the e-commerce landscape. In the company’s experience, 40% of product descriptions/details
are listed incorrectly every day
. The worst part is that even companies that are syndicating their content see
this problem; it might be correct on day one but on day two/three/or four, certain details can go missing.

The challenge

Detail Online needed access to large amounts of public online data in order to automate
the auditing process of their customers’ products on their retailers’ websites.

The solution

Detail Online chose the Bright Data Web Unlocker in order to gain access to the public online data they need.

The outcome

With the use of the Bright Data Web Unlocker, Detail Online are able to gain access to the public
online data they need to provide their customers with
detailed daily reports about how their products are being presented in the e-commerce landscape. For brands, these daily reports are vital because simple things like products not being visible, or wrong product descriptions, images, or title specifications, can seriously affect their own sales as well as the retailers’ sales – therefore it’s critical that all product information is presented correctly. With the help of Bright Data, Detail Online has managed to grow significantly since its humble beginnings in 2015 and has recently been acquired by inRiver.

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